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hambort™- Self Watering Plant Pot

hambort™- Self Watering Plant Pot

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Self Watering Plant Pot

Watering plants every day is over!

Our multipurpose, modern-style self-watering planters are a perfect complement to your interior or exterior décor. Effectively save your precious time. Choose between various colors and sizes and pair with your favorite plants in your living space.

✔️ Time saving and stress free

Our clever flower pot can help you take care of your plants when you go outside for a few days or go on business trips.

✔️ Excellent quality

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, does not become brittle under the sun, does not fade and does not stain.

✔️ Large capacity, easy to fill, no more overflowing

This pot is made of high definition transparent material, so you can see the water level in the pot at any time. There is a special water injection port for easy water injection and maintain air circulation.

✔️ No overpouring

Double layer structure allows water and air to be storaged in the bottom of this planter. The pot with holes for better moisture of the roots and easy oxygen circulation, prevent plant death caused by waterlogging.

Plants drink their water through the cotton rope only when they need it. The shape has many small holes on the bottom, which are designed to get air circulation through the bottom.

Our self-watering planter can prevent plants from drowning in water. Perfect water metering thanks to an innovative design concept.  

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