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hambort™-Bellflower Seeds—Spring's Rainbow Romance

hambort™-Bellflower Seeds—Spring's Rainbow Romance

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🌱We are committed to providing our customers with quality, affordable seeds. 

🌼Native to Europe and North America, the bellflower is a charming and fragrant perennial plant.  Bellflowers are beloved by gardening enthusiasts around the world for the unique appearance of their flowers.

🌼Bellflower is a common flower in the garden. It is also suitable for garden cultivation or as large and medium-sized potted plants to decorate living rooms, balconies, etc.


🌼Bellflowers are known for their adaptability, thriving in a variety of soil types and tolerating both hot and cold climate conditions.  It likes to grow in full sun and can also tolerate partial shade.

All in all, hyacinths are adaptable to a variety of environments and climates and are very easy to grow, even for novice gardeners.

How to grow:

Before planting, prepare loose and breathable soil, plant 1/2 inch deep, cover with a layer of soil, and moisten the soil to promote germination.  It takes about 7-10 days to germinate.

🌼Light: Bellflower loves light, at least three hours of sunshine a day
🌼Soil: Choose loose, fertile, breathable soil
🌼Temperature: 35°F~95°F
🌼Watering: Bellflower likes to be dry, so watering should not be frequent. Water when the soil is dry.

About Bellflower:

🌼Fragrance: The sweet and charming aroma of bluebell is one of its most unique characteristics.  This scent is often described as delicate and evocative of spring.

🌼Growing period: The growth cycle of bellflower is about 2 months, blooming in summer and autumn.

🌼Flowering period: The flowering period of up to 120 days is really amazing.  This continuous blooming phenomenon makes bellflower ideal for gardens and pots, with their beautiful aurora,pourple, pink and white flowers enchanting.

🌼Use: In addition to its ornamental value, bellflower are also commonly used in flower arrangements and bouquets.

🌼Flower language: Bellflowers are considered a symbol of loved ones.

Bellflowers are timeless and elegant flowers that add beauty and fragrance to the garden, making them a favorite of many gardening enthusiasts.

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