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hambort™-Baby-Blue-Eyes Seeds—Sky Color

hambort™-Baby-Blue-Eyes Seeds—Sky Color

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💙Baby blue eyes are cold and heat tolerant perennial flower seeds native to the United States. Baby blue eye is an incredibly colorful wildflower that's also easy to grow, and it's still one of our favorite versatile wildflowers!

💙When to Plant Baby Blue Eyes Seeds

Direct sow seeds once the threat of frost has passed. Light blue eyes also do well in containers. "Light Blue Eyes" can also be started indoors 2-3 weeks before the last spring frost. Because of their long flowering period, you can also plant them in spring and summer.

💙Where to Plant Baby Blue Eyes Seeds

Baby Blue Eyes do best in cooler climates with Full Sun conditions, though can tolerate Partial Shade. In warmer climates, Baby Blue Eyes benefits from Partial Shade.

💙How to Care for Baby Blue Eyes

Once established, they require little care. As a tender annual, baby blueeyes die with deadly frosts and produce abundant seeds that can be harvested for planting the following year.

Pros: They attract pollinators. Because the floral scent also repels deer and other animals.

Growth habit: Although philodendron can self-seed, it does not usually form dense colonies in the garden, unlike some invasive plants. It has a mild growth habit.

Management method: If you are concerned about excessive self-seeding of philodendron, you can cut off the seed pods after the flowers fade to prevent the seeds from scattering. In addition, regular cleaning and control of the growing area can also effectively manage its reproduction.

Difficulty Level: Very Easy ⭐

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